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Olivier helps clients grow their online products by exploring new markets, better understand and serve their customers, and improve their internal processes by transforming data into business insights. Throughout his career, he has relied on analytics to clearly understand problems and opportunities, communicate insights and strategy to stakeholders and control the deployment of innovative projects and programs.

When Google Analytics is Not Enough to Grow Your Online Business

It could be argued that Google Analytics is probably the most well-know extension to any website. Once you’ve setup your website or app, the next item in line is usually to get your Tracking id and plug in that javascript blurb in the header. Then the magic starts. Not only are you seeing the number [...]

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Don’t be a Bloated Unicorn

After 10 years, Twitter still hasn't turned any profit. This is one of those highly valued company which all startups aim to become. They all aspire to reach the highly sought list of unicorns (private companies valued at more than a billion dollars). But the danger in aiming to become the next Twitter is that [...]

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A Primer on Student Analytics

Having worked in the HigherEd sector quite some time and having run a student analytics program for a few years, I naturally can’t help but to dig into some student data to really start giving you a sense of what customer analytics is. In those years, I had access to most of the same data [...]

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Customer Analytics Drives Business Growth

We previously talked of the anthropological nature of customer analytics and how the digital realm enhances our comprehension of (sub-)cultures and more specifically for us, our customers. But what can you do with customer analytics? In all its glory, customer analytics should drive the growth of your business. Most of us claim to be customer-centric [...]

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The Anthropological Nature of Customer Analytics

We often think of anthropology as the study of an indigenous group located in a remote part of the Amazone. But this field of study is applied today in any context where a group forged their own culture and lives within their own set of core values, rules and behaviours. Customer Analytics is the anthropological [...]

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